North Carolina's Wil Seabrook bolts into American Pop Radio's Top 30!

                       > 1 LENNY KRAVITZ -- Again (Virgin/Maverick) 1996 2034 -38  
4  > 2 AEROSMITH -- Jaded (Columbia)     1923 1843  
    5   >3 SHAGGY -- Angel (MCA) 1912 1817+95  
16 >4 DIDO -- Thank You (Arista) 1906 1815 
   32 > 30 WIL SEABROOK -- You Do What You Have To (Chicago Kid) 
(if only Hertz had frequent flyer miles..try to keep it under 100 going over  the Donner pass!)
   With Louis and Julie after on-air concert with ALICE San Francisco
 Wil rocks Maverick at CD93 Monterey
EJ and Jonathan at KLLY Bakersfield
Jackie Paper testifies at B93 Modesto
Lunch-time jam for the staff at ALICE RENO
Next Stop North Carolina and the Southeast...
Check for up-to-the-minute tour updates...
including the G105 August 4 Shindig, The Point's May 12 Hoo Ha festival, and July 4th with The LINK Charlotte concert!
Special thanks to  Ben Brooks,Tod Elmore,Kathy Evans,Ryan Posner, Harry Reynolds and KTHX,John  Frankenheimer and David Byrnes,Ian Brown,Mach II Travel, WRAL/Raleigh,The POINT/Greensboro,Chris Edge at G105,WLNK,KISS fm Charlotte,Lance and The Mint LA, Mitch and Cantina Los Tres Hombres, Donna and Max at B93,The wonderful Wil Seabrook band,Gary Lefkowith and Bill Jerome.
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