Erez We're proud to announce the completion of an incredible new album from the Wil Seabrook Band on Chicago Kid Records…created by one of the most truly distinctive bands emerging in 2003..drawing from their
unique cultural diversity
Erez - Israel   Wil - North Carolina
Arnold ...and wildly varied musical backgrounds ranging from jazz to hard rock to folk. Fernando
Arnold - San Diego   Fernando - Brazil

Click here to check out "It's Your Life" by The Wil Seabrook Band«Click here to get a sneak preview of the profound new track,
"It's Your Life," produced by John Ryan and mixed by Chris Lord Alge
Read the lyrics here.

Album contributors include engineer/mixer Tony Phillips
(Seal/Lisa Marie Presley)..orchestrations David Campbell (Aerosmith/Alanis)

Wonderful photographic work from the dazzling eye of James Minchin III
(Elvis Costello, MatchBox 20, Linkin Park, Metallica, and the Eagles)


Wil has recently been globetrotting deepening already strong ties to radio made on the first independent album (see Summer 2001 and 2002 newsletters )

playing at the Mountain in Seattle
at KINK in Portland
KBCO Boulder
Erez and Wil at the AAA Radio convention in Hawaii with Jack Johnson
with the Pacific
with Tom Teuber from Madison
visiting ALICE Denver
Wil also had the pleasure to play in front of the staff/Programming executives at ALICE San Francisco and John Ivey and the team at STAR 98.7 in Los Angeles.



Fans line up in the rain to see The Wil Seabrook Band in NYC
The Roxy, Los Angeles/Sold OUT
fans line up in the rain to see WSB in the Village/NYC
The Roxy, Los Angeles/Sold OUT

Come see the fun as we blow across the USA..

Wil and Band meet with college bookers at NACA convention in Nashville
Wil and Band meet with college bookers at NACA convention in Nashville

Tour Manager: John Williams
Sharon Chambers/Business Management/LA
Chicago Kid Legal: John Frankenheimer/David Byrnes
Good Friends to Have: Gerald Peissl, Jimmy Ienner, Matt Thorne, Fred Croshal, Dan West, Shane Woodruff, Gary Knutson, Dave Collins, and Larry to the band and our constantly growing team of die hard fans.

Thank You

Wil Seabrook

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